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06.17.2022 • 1 min read

Outlier Research

Welcome to Outlier Research.


Outlier.org’s mission is to increase access to high-quality education and reduce student debt. 

To achieve our mission, we are always improving our approach to asynchronous online education, which includes video lectures, interactive textbooks, robust student support tools, and more. Along the way, we’re collecting exciting data. Our data has the power to provide insights into areas such as student behavior, learning outcomes, learning material efficacy, curriculum design, predictive grading, and more.  

Outlier Research aims to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning and to collaborate with researchers working to understand student learning.

Our Team

  • Mike Astolfi, M.A. | VP, Product

  • Dan Belenky, Ph.D. | Director of Student Success and Advising

  • Katie Callahan, M.A. | Course Development Manager

  • Genava Deckert | Jr. Course Development Manager

  • Anjuli Gupta | Head of Academic Partnerships

  • Estelle Gwinn, M.A. | Course Development Lead

  • Adrienne Khechinashvili, MBA | Ops and Strategy

  • Julia Lehman | Jr. Course Development Manager

  • Maryam Mullenix | Jr. Course Development Manager

  • Archana Prakash, Ph.D. | Course Development Manager

  • Kristen Przyborski, Ph.D. | Content Improvement Author

  • Aaron Rasmussen | Founder and CEO

  • Zuriel van Belle, M.S. | Content Improvement Author


No One-Size-Fits-All In Online Learning

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Abstract: Is it possible to replicate student success and engagement levels in traditional in-person courses when designing online, asynchronous college courses? A crucial component of face-to-face instruction is the instructor's ability to adapt the content of courses to disciplinary specifications. For example, physical sciences benefit from the use of laboratory equipment to perform experiments. Art classes utilize live models and studio space to facilitate peer and instructor review. Outlier.org’s asynchronous learning ecosystem incorporates adaptable modules, flexible course structures, and ever-evolving learning tools to provide high-quality, low-cost foundational college education to a wide audience. Through the development of introductory courses in a range of disciplines including STEM, Humanities, and Business, we find that online instruction cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to be effective, instruction must adapt to the requirements of the course, the students, and the discipline.


  • Maryam Mullenix | Jr. Course Development Manager

  • Julia Lehman | Jr. Course Development Manager

  • Genava Deckert | Jr. Course Development Manager

Join Us

If you're interested in learning more about our work, or would like to discuss using our data for your own research, please reach out to research@outlier.org.